Frequently Asked Questions

Can I modify the size or the colors of a rug?

Yes. Because all of our rugs are made to order, all the colors and sizes can be modified to your own specifications. Would you like to match the color of a cushion, sofa, or paint color? No problem. Simply choose a color from our color chart, which has more than 900 colors, or send us a piece of fabric, a paint sample or a Pantone color number. We’ll produce a rug sample based on your selection and send it to your home in less than a week. Do you need a 20-foot long runner made from a sketch that you drew on a napkin? No worries. We will adapt the design for you and send you a drawing of your rug, in the size and color you wish – at no extra cost. For more details, please visit our Custom Service page.

Can I design my own rug?

Yes! We would be happy to craft it for you! Contact us by email or by phone, and speak to one of our designers to receive advice and tips in order to create your own masterpiece. We will subsequently send you samples of your creation so that you can approve the quality and start the process of fabrication. For more informations, please visit our Custom Service page.

Are there any extra fees for making a custom color/size rug?

No. Because all of our rugs are made to order, all the colors and sizes can be modified to your own specifications, and at no extra cost.

How long does it take to make a rug?

If we have the yarn in stock in the color that you need , the lead time is usually between 3 to 5 weeks depending on the needed size. If we need to make a custom color, the lead time is between 5 and 8 weeks. For oversized projects, please contact us so we can give you a realistic timeframe.

What materials do you use for your rugs?

Urba is proud to only use natural fibers. We use mainly New Zealand wool, linen, silk, bamboo, viscose and hemp. If you would like to make a rug with a fiber not mentioned above, simply let us know. We will order the fiber you need to make the rug that you want.

Do you offer rug samples?

Yes we do. However, because each individual sample is handmade just like our rugs, they are really precious to us. That is why we ask for a credit card deposit. If the sample is returned, no fee will be charged. If you decide to keep the sample, we will charge your credit card based on the value of the selected sample.

What makes Urba's products so different?

Three words. Quality, quality and quality. For more than a decade now, Urba has been committed to producing impeccable quality rugs and to set an example for the industry. How do we achieve these goals? Simply by manufacturing our products ourselves. Why? Because this way, we can control each step of the production process. Whether it is creating our own collection, selecting the exceptional fibers that we work with, or handcrafting our luxurious rugs, each step is faultless. We are so confident in our products that we cover them all with a lifetime warranty, which is unequalled in the industry.

What is the shipping cost for a rug?

There is no fixed price for rug transportation because each rug has different weight and size. The best way to find out the shipping cost of any of our rugs is by requesting a quotation. Your request should include the name and the size of the rug that you need, including your complete address. That way we will be able to send you a quotation including the shipping fees.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. International shipments are organized on a weekly basis. Whether you live in New York or in Barcelona, our in-house team will organize the shipment for you, including all the paperwork for customs.

Can Urba's rugs can be used in commercial spaces?

Yes. All of our New Zealand wool rugs can be used in commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, planes and yachts. The density and quality of our products are so great that they, by far, surpass the industry standards. Our rugs have a non-slip backing, which is recommended especially in public spaces, and the wool from New Zealand is a natural fire-resistant fiber, what is also highly recommended for public spaces. To make sure you are using the proper rug for your project, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you to determine your needs.

How do I clean my Urba rug?

Handmade rugs can easily last a lifetime if they are well maintained and cleaned regularly. Regular vacuuming is the best way to remove soil and dirt particles before they become embedded. On a regular base, perform regular vacuuming using the suction piece. Avoid using a rotating brush as this may cause damage to carpet fibers. Slowly run the brush on the rug to pick up all dirt particles. There is no use scrubbing or using a pressing motion; it will only cause damage to the fibers. If the rug’s size allows, firmly shake before vacuuming in order to loosen dirt particles and straighten carpet fibres. For more details, please visit our Care & Cleaning page.

Do I need to buy a rug pad to use with your rug?

No. A rug pad is not needed because Urba is one of the few remaining companies in the world to use 100% pure natural latex as a bonding compound. Besides being considered as a “green” choice and being the best material for this use, the natural latex provides a flexible and permanent bonding to the back of the rug, which will prevent it from a premature delamination. Natural latex is also the best non-slip material available on the market. An anti-skid pad or underlay is obsolete. Our rugs are practically impossible to move after they are unrolled, and on any surface.

My rug seems to shed a little. Is that normal?

Yes. This shedding is the normal result of fibers left in the rug during the rug making process. It usually lasts a few weeks or a few months, depending on how often you pass the vacuum over it. Performing regular vacuuming will help pick up these fibers and keep the rug looking fresh and clean. You may also occasionally find longer yarns on the surface of the rug. Never pull on the yarns to remove them. Simply cut the yarn with a scissor to the same level as the rest of the rug.

How to clean a stain on my rug?

Since 90% of fresh stains can be washed with warm water, reaction time is crucial to success when it comes to stain removal. Remove all solid substances using a knife or spoon. Apply a clean white cloth on the liquid and let it soak. Gently swab the rug with the cloth without scrubbing. Scrubbing will only spread the stain over a larger area. Once the liquid is absorbed, rinse off the treated surface area with clean water and a sponge, and avoid wetting the rug’s pile too much. Absorb as much as possible and perform vacuuming on the surface treated so that the rug’s pile returns to its initial appearance before drying.

To remove old stains from your linen rug, use chlorinated solvent-based products (trichloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene), or an appropriate shampoo supplied by any retailer that specializes in carpet and rug cleaning. However, it is desirable to carry out a preliminary test on a surface that is not easily seen.

If you need some advice or information for a specific type of stain, please don’t hesitate to contact us.