Care & Cleaning

Handmade area rugs offer excellent durability and will last a lifetime if they receive appropriate cares. They are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. The secret is simple: vacuum it regularly and clean spillages before they dry. If you give your rug some loving care & cleaning on a regular basis, it will thank you with his long lasting beauty and his comfort.


On a regular base, perform regular vacuuming using the suction piece. Avoid using a rotating brush as it may cause damage to carpet fibres. Slowly run the brush on the rug to pick up all dirt particles. There is no use in scrubbing or using a pressing motion; it only causes damage to the fibres.

If the rug’s size allows, firmly shake it around before vacuuming in order to extract dirt particles and straighten carpet fibres. In doing this, your rug will return to its initial appearance. When you feel it’s necessary, have a professional deep clean your rug.

You can occasionally find longer yarns on the surface of the rug. Never pull on the yarn to remove them. Simply cut the yarn with a scissor to the same level as the rest of the rug.

Stain Removal

Since 90% of fresh stains may be washed in warm water, reaction time is crucial to success when it comes to stain removal. Remove all solid substances using a knife or spoon. Apply a clean white cloth on the liquid and let it soak. Gently swab the rug with the cloth without scrubbing. Once the liquid is absorbed, rinse off the treated surface area with clean water and a sponge, avoiding wetting the rug’s pile. Absorb as much as possible and perform vacuuming on the surface treated so that the rug’s pile returns to its initial appearance before drying.

To remove old stains from your linen rug, use chlorinated solvent based products (trichloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene), or an appropriate shampoo supplied by any retailer that specializes in carpet and rug cleaning. However, it is desirable to carry out a preliminary test on a surface that is not easily seen.

If you need some advices or informations for a specific type of stain, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Professional Cleaning

While general cleaning can be done by yourself, a professional clean every once in a while, depending on traffic and wear, will enhance the color and texture and extend the life of your rug. Find a reputable cleaner in your area that specializes in high quality handmade rugs. Inform the cleaner about the composition of the rug, the fibers used, the latex adhesive and the polyester backing. They will know which cleaning method using for your specific rug.


In order to maintain color fastness as long as possible, avoid laying the rug in direct sunlight. If the design of your rug allows it, it is recommended that you rotate your rug periodically to allow even exposure to sunlight.


All new rugs create and shed loose fibres or “fluff” during the first months. The shedding phase is totally normal since it is excess fibres that were not incorporated into the yarn during the spinning process. This is why regular vacuuming is important since it will remove these fibres over time. The fluffing will lessen and eventually cease, usually a few months to a year.


If you need to store your rug, first make sure that it is clean and dry. Roll the rug into a tight cylinder, so that the wool face of the rug is protected and the backing is exposed. Never fold a rug, for short or long term storage, as permanent creases may form. Wrap in a breathable fabric, such as a sheet, for protection. Plastic wrapping will prevent the rug from breathing. Never store heavy objects on your rolled rug, as this could cause permanent damage by creasing the rug.