Urba Rugs | Modern Home Area Rugs Made in Quebec, Canada


Urba Rugs is a design and manufacturing company specializing in modern home area rugs. Our entire line of products is conceived and handmade entirely and solely in Canada. We offer exclusive collections in various sizes, colours and shapes. We also provide a custom rug service which tailors to the needs of each individual customer. Designed and created in the Urba studios in the province of Quebec, each rug is carefully crafted using only the finest quality materials available.
Unlike industrial manufacturers, Urba produces each individual rug by hand, meticulously following specifications and customer requirements. Each distinctive piece is carefully designed, produced and inspected with great attention to detail, resulting in a luxury product of a unique and sought-after quality.
Our primary goal, which is to create the best modern home area rugs in the industry, has forced us to completely rethink the way area rugs have been produced for the last thousand years. This is the reason why, when you look or touch one of our products, you can immediately see the quality, and appreciate the comfort – a comfort that our competitors can only dream of. This high level of perfection is only made possible because of three things; the impeccable quality of the primary materials that we use, the enviable expertise of our workers, and our complete control of the fabrication process.
Urba is proud to provide a pleasant and respectful working environment for all of our workers. Everyone here is proud to contribute to the production of Urba’s bespoke rugs.